Why Children should play Sport.

This message from a parent totally sums up why all children should play sport. ’One of my friends asked "Why do you pay so much money for your kids to do all their sports”? Well I have a confession to make; I don't pay for my kids to do sports. Personally, I couldn't care less [...]

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Zeon Ethical Manufacture – Total Confidence in our Supply Chain

  All Zeon garments are made at our SEDEX Accredited factory in China.  Sedex is a World Leading Organisation dedicated to driving improvements in ethical and responsible business practices in the global supply chain [link to Sedex]. The last 10 years has seen a huge shift to global production in the teamwear sector.  Many brands chase low cost manufacturing [...]

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Jack Playford – GB Canoe Polo

  Zeon Brand Ambassador Jack Playford has just checked in with a summary of his 2017 season.  It saw him play league polo in Italy and China and then on to the World Championships in France.  His Dad saw it as a gap year before going on to Uni rather than a lifestyle choice.  I’m [...]

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Sam Ayers – BodyFit Cumbria – Pass your Passion

  Pass on your Passion was launched in June 2017 to get women active in sports.  The programme is delivered through a network ‘unsung heroines’ who inspire, enthuse and support others to GET ACTIVE. We are really pleased to hear that Sam Ayers of Bodyfit Cumbria has been chosen to deliver the key part of [...]

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Tom Barras in Training for World Championships

  Zeon Brand Ambassador Tom Barras has just finished competing in his first Rowing World Cup.  He represented the GB team that finished up as winners. The format is a series of 3 regattas, the first in Belgrade, second in Poznan and third in Lucerne. Points are gained from each event helping toward the overall tally. In Belgrade [...]

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Richard Hayes – Chasing Sub 5

Zeon brand ambassador Richard, just back from illness, ran a new pb of 5.06.68 at the Manchester Mile, Sports City, Manchester last week. After a chest infection he wasn’t expecting much but is thrilled with his time. He has achieved sub 5 in training and is sure he can reach his ultimate goal in am [...]

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Jack Playford – The Italian Job

Jack Playford – The Italian Job It was great to catch up with Zeon brand ambassador Jack Playford last week whose canoe polo career is moving forward at pace.  This was by Messenger btw, rather than in person, as he is currently playing in Italy! Jack has joined up for the season with Serie A [...]

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Richard Hayes – Zeon Brand Ambassador – Runner

This year marks Richards 5 year anniversary as a runner. It is the story of journey from 20 stone to a sub 5 minute mile runner taking in over £1.3m raised for charity. Richards first run in September 2012 was part of a weight loss programme. He lost 4 stone that year. He ultimately dropped [...]

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Zeon Factory – SEDEX ‘Ethical Trade Audit’.

When you work with Zeon you can be confident our factory in China operates to the highest ethical standards. Our background is in garment manufacture. We understand what is needed to create a safe working environment. We work with our partner factories to promote fair labour practices, workers rights and a safe working environment.  At the [...]

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Laurence Hodgkins – London Marathon – Breast Cancer NOW.

With the London Marathon fast approaching we the check training schedule of first time marathon runner Laurence Hodgkins.  We also dig back a bit to see what drove him  through his tough winter training schedule. Laurence is running for Breast Cancer Now.  Unlike most charities this one focuses solely on breast cancer. The motivation that [...]

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