Laurence 8

With the London Marathon fast approaching we the check training schedule of first time marathon runner Laurence Hodgkins.  We also dig back a bit to see what drove him  through his tough winter training schedule.

Laurence is running for Breast Cancer Now.  Unlike most charities this one focuses solely on breast cancer. The motivation that drives him is that he lost his mum to stage 4 Breast Cancer in 2015.  She was only 54.  Laurence wants to raise money for future research while at the same time increase awareness of the charity.  The charity funds 400 of the UKs brightest researchers who work on ways to prevent, detect, treat and, ultimately, stop Breast Cancer.

Laurence ‘I want to contribute towards making sure other people don’t have to go through the same experience me and my family went through, I also want to raise awareness of alternative treatments available rather than the limited options on the NHS.’

A typical week for Laurence involves running 5-6 days a week, with distance building up through the week to a long run on Sundays. He alternates weeks between long and short runs.  One Sunday may be an 12 miler, with the following Sunday 8. Then, the week after the 12 increases to 13 and 8 to 9. The distance increases over time. Tuesdays are interval training sessions with Thursday and Friday moderate distances. Wednesday and Saturday are short recovery runs.  He will be running the marathon in a Breast Cancer NOW vest (link to Zeon Vests) but we helped with his training gear.

He has set a target time of 3.30-3.45, ‘I think sub 3.30 is unrealistic for a first marathon’!   The Brighton half on 26th February was the first major milestone.  With storm Doris blowing a gale 1 hour 40 was respectable.

Laurence is a Zeon Brand Ambassador – one of the many who do initial testing for new products.  In his day job he works for PwC.