Alison Ethical 580


All Zeon garments are made at our SEDEX Accredited factory in China.  Sedex is a World Leading Organisation dedicated to driving improvements in ethical and responsible business practices in the global supply chain

[link to Sedex].

The last 10 years has seen a huge shift to global production in the teamwear sector.  Many brands chase low cost manufacturing in countries like Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Eastern Europe and Turkey.  Poor enforcement of human rights regulation mean manufacturing businesses are unlikely to adopt good ethical work practises.  The chase for low prices cause factory owners to ignore their human rights responsibilities.

Modern Day Slavery is a very real problem worldwide.  This covers issues such as tied workers, forced labour, child labour and debt bondage.  Sport for most of us is a fun experience in our leisure time.  Make sure our need for sports clothing doesn’t have a negative impact on human life in the manufacturing process.

One example given at a recent Sedex conference is in the textile industry in South India.  Dalit girls are lured into working in cotton mills by recruiters, under the impression they are on the ‘Sumangali Scheme’ (or the Marriage Scheme).  This promises a dowry payment to the grooms family for completeing 3 years work.  However these girls are often trapped in a 68 hour working week, with no contracts or payslips, and face being locked inside factories and dormitory compounds during working and non working hours.

We are increasingly asked by the corporate sector to demonstrate ethical compliance in our supply chain.  We think clubs should be equally aware (swimming clubs, running clubs, rowing clubs).