Long Term Sustainability:

1. Our Head Office is an award-winning environmentally-friendly building. Façade greening and green-roof technology have been used to help reduce energy costs and the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The building holds a full Energy Performance Certificate.

2. In 2007 we changed our sales strategy moving away from the traditional method of having salespeople ‘on the road’, replacing it with online digital presentations and posting samples. Our evaluation study shows we save 115,200 car journey miles per year – a total of over 1 million miles saved since the introduction of the policy.

3. Our manufacturing partners are based in China. We sea freight garments to the UK wherever possible.

4. We use carriers to dispatch to clients in the UK.

5. We operate a full recycling policy implemented in 2007.

6. We re-use packing boxes.

7. We use 1 polythene bag per garment and no other garment packaging.

Fair Trade Policy – Trading Fairly

1. We never source solely based on price.

2. Our main consideration is to use factories that adopt ‘good working practices’. Our definition of ‘good practice’ is built around what we would expect from 30 years experience running our own factories in the UK.

3. The next, yet equally important consideration, is quality and service.

4. We only work in countries that have statutory regulations regarding worker welfare, factory safety, building safety and minimum wage. We only use factories that comply with all these regulations.

5. As a result of these various considerations we choose to work in China.

6. Our factory in China is currently working toward Sedex accreditation (as at 9th March 2016).

7. We visit the factory 3 times a year on factory inspections

8.  The factory does not use child labour.

9. It means we pay more for garments that would cost less in less regulated markets.

10. Our commercial position is to build a financially healthy and vibrant supply chain. We do not adopt the commercial strategy of using a dominant position in the market ‘squeezing’ suppliers on price.

11. We work on creating long term partnerships built on personal relationships and mutual respect.