ZEON Teamwear – Supplying Clubs in the UK since 1984.

The company (founded in 1984) has a long heritage of manufacturing cutting edge team kits for clubs in the UK.  Our factory in Rotherham was the first to specialise in short runs of custom made team kits and training gear.  We pioneered the use lightweight technical fabrics for club shirts and waterproof fabrics for training jackets, all made to order in club colours.  A lifetime in the industry has given us a wealth of technical expertise in garment development, sourcing and distribution.

By the late 1980’s we supplied specialist PE uniform to many of Britain’s most prestigious schools and universities and team kits to professional clubs like Leicester City and Rotherham United in football, and Bath, Wasps and Bristol in rugby union.

All companies evolve to stay relevant and we are no different.  Our latest brand, Zeon, was started in 2009.  Today our UK based design team offer clubs the very latest designs in sport fashion.

The clubs we work with are more than clients – they are our story tellers and field testers – our motivation to continue improving.

Ethical Production – Zeon garments are manufactured at SEDEX Accredited factories in the UK and off shore.  Sedex is a World Leading Organisation dedicated to drive improvements in ethical and responsible business practices in the global garment supply chain [link to Sedex].  Fabrics and trimming are sourced from suppliers that hold Environmental Certification.

Tel: 01709 789590 / Email: sales@zeonsports.co.uk

Image is of ZEON Headquarters, Fusion at Magna, Magna Way, Rotherham, S60 1FE


Whether you are interested in Team Kits, Training Gear or Sports Leisurewear, we would love the chance to discuss ZEON products with you.


The Technical Story – Design, Innovation and Technology:

High Performance Layering System:

The weather (hot, cold, wet or windy) has a major impact on performance. We know you will compete at your most efficient at a constant core body temperature of 37 degrees. The other thing we know is that the weather will change. We use specilist fabrics and engineered garment fits to create the ultimate layering system.

Our Fabrics are split into 3 families:

  1. Cool in the Heat – NxGen, lightweight performance fabrics that are used for playing and training.
  2. Dry in the Rain – Outer fabrics that blocks the wind and rain.
  3. Warm when it’s Cold – Thermal fabrics designed to keep you warm.
Our clubs are more than clients – they are our story tellers, our field testers for new products and our motivational inspiration to continue creating new products and improve quality.
Fabric is the key. This is what keeps you cool, warms you up and keeps you dry (maintains your core body temperature). We use the very latest fabric technologies from around the world to bring you the best high performance fabrics.
We work with our partner factory in China.  The factory is Sedex Accredited to the highest ethical standards (Sedex is one of the world’s leading ethical trade service providers, working to improve working conditions in global supply chains. We provide practical tools, services and a community network to help companies improve their responsible and sustainable business practices, and source responsibly).
It is about breaking down each component part of your game and improve each by 1% – when you put it all back together there will be a significant gain. Garments play a key role.  Zeon is committed to designing teamwear that enhance performance.

NxGen Fabric System (Next Generation):

Our NxGen fabric system has been developed exclusively for Zeon. Fabrics are designed to maintain your core body temperature to keep you in the peak performance zone. Heat and vent ducts actively move heat and sweat away from the skin so keeping the body cool. Fabrics are quick dry and breathable for amazing comfort.

NxGen Fabric System

Dynamic Fit:

It all starts with the athlete. We test new garment fits with our brand ambassadors and partners clubs.  We create the initial fit, then tweak and re-test until we get it right. Design Follows Function: The fit of the garment is the key – we then add great designs.

dynamic fit

Introducing Team ZEON

We have a small specialist team based in the UK.  Behind the scenes there is a much larger organisation.  Our factory in China has over 400 workers which means we can scale up to meet all demands.

AndyUK Sales Director
Andy was a national league hockey player who went into coaching and now concentrates on golf.
EmmaDesign, Marketing and Sales Support
To follow.
ReubenMD & Product Development
Reuben started out working life as a professional cricketer – then took up hockey. His passion for hockey led him into coaching.
SandraFinancial Director
Sandra is the FD (a graduate in maths) – but more important our specialist in long distance running and cycling.
Jeffri HarjayantoGarment Design
Jeffri is based in Jakarta. His background is in the sportswear industry working with major teamwear brands. He turns your ideas into the designs you see on our web site.
MichellePrint and Dispatch
Michelle has been with the company for over 20 years. Her specialisation is in print, embroidery and dispatch.

The ZEON Community

Becoming Responsible (since 1984) – It is our experience in the industry that sets us apart from other brands. Our heritage is in manufacturing sportswear. The company grew from its roots in small manufacturing unit in Basildon, Essex (1984) making cricket shirts for local clubs. It progressed on to a factory of 60 machinists in our current home town of Rotherham making sports kits for leading teamwear brands and clubs across the UK. Garments are now sourced off-shore and our latest creation, Zeon, is a leading UK sportswear brand.

We are more than a sales and marketing company. We understand production from design to pattern-making to cutting and sewing and the development of technical fabrics.  We do not source for the lowest price to maximise profit. Our goal is quality. That leads us to our partner factory in China – who we think is the best around.  We realise a strong profitable supplier base will innovate in the very latest manufacturing processes and invest back into the human communities who produce our garments. We know what it takes to provide a safe working environment. 

Co founder, Reuben Herbert “My key role is to make regular visits our partner factory in China. It’s not merely meeting with our friends who own and run the factory. I work on the shop floor with the workers to get a clear insight into work practices and conditions”.

For more info Tel: 01709 789590 / Email: sales@zeonsports.co.uk