Zeon Bags
It’s tough sourcing high quality reliable suppliers in the modern ‘globalised’ world.  In the good old days the UK textile industry was based around Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, Leicester and Birmingham.  Most suppliers were within a few hours drive away.  As UK manufacturing fell away from the mid 1990’s, so it became increasingly hard to find good textile suppliers in this country.

So when you find a gem, like our bag maker based in Serbia, you hang on to them. It is a family run business established in 1965.  They started out life as leather belt makers evolving into the company know now employing 150 specialising in bags.  The key part of the operation is the supply of school bags exported across Europe.  They expanded into specialist sports bags.

The key thing we get is reliability, good communication and continuety of quality.  Sometimes difficult when you work at distance by email.  They also provide great weekly transport from Serbia direct to our warehouse in the UK.