Athletes have abandoned the baggy look for much more fitted garments which places extra demands on production to ensure the perfect fit.  Performance fabrics are knitted and rolled up under tension across the fabric.  If garments are cut from fabric still under this tension it will relax back to its original state, even up to the first wash.  You could lose up to a size in the fit.  This was ok when garments were baggy but not now with performance fits.

Our factory has invested in a new machine which is, in effect, a huge heat tunnel (see picture). We unroll the fabric at one end, run it through the heat tunnel that relaxes the fabric to its original state.  This is done with every roll of fabric as they are delivered to our factory.  We call attention to detail.  The process ensures that you will get the perfect garment fit every time.

Performance precision fit is part of our expertise – we don’t leave it to chance.