Your Garment – the journey through production

It may seem simple…you place your order with us and it arrives at your club 6 weeks later.  The production journey flows through 12 different processes. It is a huge investment into people and machinery. The latest high tech machines are 4 brand new laser cutting tables. Your unique club design is created in digital pattern software and [...]

Your Garment – the journey through production2020-09-12T14:12:01+01:00

Your Garments Journey – Precision Fit

Athletes have abandoned the baggy look for much more fitted garments which places extra demands on production to ensure the perfect fit.  Performance fabrics are knitted and rolled up under tension across the fabric.  If garments are cut from fabric still under this tension it will relax back to its original state, even up to the [...]

Your Garments Journey – Precision Fit2020-09-12T14:12:02+01:00
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