Zeon Swimming Poolside Shirt

Revamp your existing range of Poolside Gear.

Zeon supply over 200 swimming clubs up and down the country.  Many have been working with us for nearly 10 years.  In that period things have changed in terms of our service, styling and garment fit.  Recently a club contacted us to revamp their range.  We were able to modernise the look while using the same designs and save the club money.

The Brief: 
The club contacted us to ask to modernise their poolside range.  The original designs, fabrics and fits were developed 8 years ago.  It features regular fit shirts and hoodies (relaxed baggy fit).  While the designs still look great swimmers want to move to modern fitting garments.  They are in a hot pool environment and want lighter weight fabrics.  The key was to maintain the existing club design so as not to alienate club members who already have kit.  They currently order girls and boys fit and have real problems hitting minimum order quantities for repeat orders.  Club officials want to move to online ordering to reduce their work-load.

A Brand New Look – Same Designs – Modern Fits – Save £’s.

Smart Fit Shirt (Link to Swimming)
We switched the club to our new smart fit shirt.  This is a fitted styling, perfect fit for both boys and girls.  The club only need to order one shirt and now able to hit the minimum order quantities easily.  We switched to a lighter weight 120g fabric.  Our design team kept it to their traditional club style.  We switched away from the polo collar to a modern round neck.  This reduced the cost for the shirt by £3.00.

Magna Hoody (Link to Custom Made Hoodies)
The club currently use our North Bay Hoody (330g brush fleece) in regular fit (relaxed fit) at £39.90 (inc vat).  The club wanted a lighter weight fabric with a modern fit.  The perfect solution is our new Magna Hoody (smart fit – 220g performance fabric – quick dry – breathable).  At a great price (Junior £24.90 / Adult £29.90 inc vat) it is a saving of £10 against the North Bay.

The saving on a shirt / hoody combo is £13.00.

Club Merchandise
The club added 4 items of club merchandise to the range.  All items are available through the club shop.

Knitted Hats (Link to Knitted Beanies)
The club are using our stock hats.  This means there are low minimum order quantities and a 2 week delivery.  They can offer swimmers a wide range of colours for them to choose their preferred option.  These are really good value starting at £7.90 (inc vat and with the badge).

Flip Flops (Link to Custom Made Flip Flops)
This is a brand new product and already proving popular with clubs.  The minimum quantity is 11 and price of £12.90 (includes your unique design and swimmers name).  Flip flops will be featured on their club shop.

Swimming Towel (Link to Swimming Towels)
Our design team created a unique  design using their club logo as the design influence.Online Ordering
The club are able to offer the full range through their own shopping site.  They will work to 2 or 3 ordering windows targeting key events through the season.  Garments are custom made and delivered 6 weeks after the order windows close.

Swim Rucksack (Link to Swimming Rucksacks)
This bag really stands out from the crowd.  Our design team use the club badge to create a unique design sublimate printed on the front panel of the bag.  We’ve been supplying this quality swim rucksack for 6 years.  The quality is excellent, hard wearing and feedback tells us it withstands the battering at poolside. We will hold your club bag design as long as you it.  These are supplied as a bulk order from the club to a minimum of 25.  They are custom made with a delivery of around 10 weeks.

Link to the OWSC poolside range page – click here